Mar 02, 2022

Big U.S. auto dealers bet billions against the death of the dealership

Nov 23, 2016


Toyota recalls 744K Sienna minivans in US  4 Hours Ago | 00:39 Toyota announced Tuesday a safety recall of about 744,000 model year 2011 to 2016 Toyota Sienna vehicles in the U.S. The car manufacturer said there is a possibility that if the Sienna's sliding door opening operation is impeded, the door's motor circuit could be overloaded and open the fuse for the motor. If that occurs when the door latch is in ...

Nov 21, 2016

Not So Standard Anymore: The Manual Transmission is Almost Dead

We knew it was happening, but the actual extent of three pedal abandonment remained somewhat elusive. It was more of a feeling than a grim statistical representation. Now we have a number, and it’s dismal.   The Los Angeles Times reports that an Edmunds study has shown that that less than 3 percent of all cars sold in the U.S. come with the transmission that many — ironically — still refer to ...

Nov 21, 2016

All About Automotive

All About Automotive is an automotive service and repair facility in Gresham, Oregon. Their shop offers complete automotive service and repair, and the blog covers categories that include brakes, wheels, and tires, clutches, cooling systems, and more. Three posts we like from All About Automotive: When Should I Tow My Car Instead of Driving It? Should I Purchase a Used Car with a Salvaged or Branded Title? How Often Should I Have My ...

Nov 21, 2016

Hydro Dip: 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel-Cell Leases Cheaper Than Initially Expected

At the beginning of the year, Honda said the California-only 2017 Clarity fuel-cell car would cost about $60,000 and lease for less than $500 a month. As it turns out, this is one high-tech product that’s more affordable than was anticipated. Honda just announced that 36-month leases will start at $369 per month, with $2499 plus the first payment down at signing. That’s before tax, registration, and fees.  Comparativ ...